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Khaos Clubhouse Indoor Facility

Rent Tunnels, Schedule Lessons, Register for a Clinic

Available Times Start April 1st

Rent Tunnel

Schedule a Lesson or Buy a 5/10 Pack

***When Scheduling a lesson or renting a tunnel, you'll enter your CC# info, but you will not be charged until you get to the Clubhouse, even if you know you have pre-paid sessions. You will only be charged if you buy a 5-pack or 10-pack.***

Team Tunnels & Lesson Prices

Individual Tunnel Rental
30 min Rental: $25
60 min Rental: $40

Private Instruction (Jason, John, & Alex)
Indiv. 30 min Lesson: $40                   
Khaos/Styxx/Prime: $36
5-Pack Indiv. Lessons: $185             Khaos/Styxx/Prime: $165
10-Pack Indiv. Lessons: $340          Khaos/Styxx/Prime: $300
Group Lessons - $50 per Athlete/Hour (min 3 athletes)

*** All Khaos/Styxx/Prime players need to purchase 5 or 10 packs at the Clubhouse. Discounts are not available online. ***

Vuk Gripz sold exclusively at the Clubhouse - The BEST Bat Grip and Batting Gloves, Trust Us!!! Get Vuk'd Up!!!

Please Submit a Google Review about your visit to the Clubhouse!

Clubhouse Instructors

Jason Livernois

John Quarton

Alex Hinz

Hours of Operation

Month of December
Mon - Fri: 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sat & Sun: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

8141 S Grant Way, Littleton, CO 80122

(303) 993-6304

Cage Area